FreeAgentNow joins the Green Sports Alliance

FreeAgentNow joins the Green Sports Alliance

East Hartford, Connecticut (April 22, 2024) – FreeAgentNow, a Connecticut-based technology company that assists student-athlete recruitment, has joined the Green Sports Alliance.

“FreeAgentNow is excited to become a member of the Green Sports Alliance,” stated Roger Wierbicki, Founder/CEO of FreeAgentNow. “FreeAgentNow is committed to creating positive environmental change. Becoming educated on best practices in sustainability and social impact are integral parts to the foundation of FreeAgentNow. The Green Sports Alliance is the leader in this movement. FreeAgentNow is elated to join such an elite group of like-minded companies.”

“The Green Sports Alliance is proud to be an environmental resource to FreeAgentNow,” stated Scott Jenkins, Board Member, Green Sports Alliance. “I had the opportunity to meet with the FreeAgentNow team. FreeAgentNow is an excellent example of a company executing on their values.”

The Green Sports Alliance is the largest, most influential and initial driver of environmental and social responsibility across the sports industry. We have over 230 members spanning teams, venues and universities, sports leagues and sustainable solutions providers. Click here to view our growing Member Directory:

FreeAgentNow is an educational, interactive and marketing platform that allows student-athletes to be viewed in an elevated light. FreeAgentNow provides student-athletes with the ability to showcase their athletic and interpersonal attributes. FreeAgentNow is proud to be a Connecticut-based technology company.

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