FreeAgentNow welcomes Meg Culmo

FreeAgentNow welcomes Meg Culmo

East Hartford, Connecticut (April 28, 2022)FreeAgentNow, a Connecticut-based technology company that assists student athlete recruitment, is proud to announce Meg Culmo as their Director of Marketing and Communications.

FreeAgentNow (FAN) is excited to announce Meg Culmo to our talented front office staff. Meg is an expert in Marketing and Communications,” stated Roger Wierbicki, Founder/CEO of FreeAgentNow. “I have always looked at Meg as a high-character person and a perfect fit for FreeAgentNow. Meg understands pro sports, college sports and youth sports. Finding talent is hard. Finding the right person, that is even harder. Meg Culmo meets both criteria.”

“I am thrilled to join FreeAgentNow,” said Meg Culmo. “FreeAgentNow has created a transformative product that will change the methodology of sports recruitment. FAN is a true game-changer, a disruptor to industry. To know that I will be involved with assisting people in a an educational and marketing capacity, to help them achieve their aspirations…that is incredibly fulfilling.”  

FreeAgentNow is an interactive platform that allows student athletes to be viewed in an elevated light. FreeAgentNow provides athletes the ability to showcase their athletic and interpersonal attributes. FreeAgentNow is proud to be a Connecticut-based technology company.

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