FreeAgentNow partners with South Windsor Arena

FreeAgentNow partners with South Windsor Arena

East Hartford, Connecticut (December 22, 2023) – FreeAgentNow (FAN), a Connecticut-based technology company that assists educational and marketing efforts for student-athlete recruitment has entered into a partnership agreement with South Windsor Arena.

“FreeAgentNow could not be happier in supporting the South Windsor Arena,” stated Roger Wierbicki, Founder/CEO of FreeAgentNow“South Windsor Arena has a dynamic ownership team. South Windsor Arena is one of the last independently owned rinks in Connecticut. FAN believes in supporting local businesses. This is FAN’s local rink.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with FreeAgentNow,” stated Andrew Petrin, Owner, South Windsor Arena. “FAN had the opportunity to work with multiple venues in the area, we’re thrilled they choose to team up with us. FAN is supportive of the overall direction SWA is taking as we continue building an environment that is encouraging to hockey players of all ages and skill levels. We think they are the perfect partners to help us grow youth hockey in central Connecticut”

The South Windsor Arena is home to multiple youth hockey organizations and local high school hockey teams. SWA is also the home of Hockey1, the largest Hockey pro shop in Connecticut.

FreeAgentNow is an interactive, educational, and marketing platform that allows student-athletes to be viewed in an elevated light. FreeAgentNow provides student-athletes with the ability to showcase their athletic and interpersonal attributes.FreeAgentNow is proud to be a Connecticut-based technology company.

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