FreeAgentNow declares legal and sports business executive Bill Dowling to their Board of Directors

FreeAgentNow declares legal and sports business executive Bill Dowling to their Board of Directors

East Hartford, Connecticut (March 8, 2022)FreeAgentNow, a Connecticut-based technology company that assists student athlete recruitment, has announced attorney Bill Dowling to their Board of Directors.

FreeAgentNow (FAN) is privileged to have Bill Dowling join our Board of Directors.” stated Roger Wierbicki, Founder/CEO of FreeAgentNow. “Bill’s professional experience working in the legal court system, not to mention the highest levels of professional sports, is a valuable asset for FreeAgentNow. Bill currently consults in legal and sports capacities. Bill continues to work with best-in-class companies for legal protection and marketing endeavors. FreeAgentNow is happy to have someone of Bill’s character involved with our organization and mission.”

FreeAgentNow combines high level components of athletics, education and marketing.” stated Bill Dowling. “FAN has the ability to engage the youth sports market, while actively making this process a family-oriented experience. Parents, Grandparents and other family members will assist their loved ones in creating a user profile. This experience will not only create a bonding moment, but also educate another generation of people that might overlook any new technology. FAN is smart. FAN can help. I am happy to support this Connecticut company.”

Mr. Dowling has had a 40-year legal career that spans from public sector to the private sector. Bill was a former Assistant Attorney General, in the Criminal Division in lower Manhattan     (New York City). As the former executive Vice President and General Counsel for the New York Yankees, Bill worked directly for Mr. George M. Steinbrenner. Bill continued his career in baseball as the owner of the Central Connecticut-based, New Britain Rock Cats. During his tenure as owner, Bill received countless community service awards and the New Britain Rock Cats were always a National leader in attendance and merchandise sales.

FreeAgentNow is an interactive platform that allows student athletes to be viewed in an elevated light. FreeAgentNow provides athletes the ability to showcase their athletic and interpersonal attributes. FreeAgentNow is proud to be a Connecticut-based technology company.

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