FreeAgentNow concludes FAN File
Beta Testing

FreeAgentNow concludes FAN File
Beta Testing

East Hartford, Connecticut (September 22, 2022) – FreeAgentNow (FAN), a Connecticut-based technology company that assists student-athlete recruitment has completed a Beta Testing round of their product, the FAN File. The primary focus group for this Beta Test was held in conjunction with Cromwell, Connecticut-based, Pro Crease Goaltending. 

“The number of positive responses to the FAN File have been overwhelming,” stated Roger Wierbicki, Founder/CEO of FreeAgentNow. “The focal point of this Beta Test was to ensure that end users were satisfied with the basic concepts of the FAN File. Because of the favorable reactions, enhancements to the FAN File and making it available to a broader audience will follow.

The participants of the FAN File Beta Test were derived from a comprehensive pool of applicants. “Diversity and inclusion are paramount. If you want an accurate representation of the validity of your product, you must inquire to a wide array of people. FreeAgentNow accomplished this with youth goaltenders, elite level goaltenders, boys, girls, all having various backgrounds and ethnicities,” said Wierbicki.

The nucleus of FreeAgentNow is the end user,” Wierbicki concluded. “FAN’s vision has always remained consistent; create a product that will provide a high-level of value, combined with an excellent user experience. At FreeAgentNow, we believe we are on the cusp of something significant.”

Pro Crease Goaltending is Connecticut’s largest ice hockey goaltender specific company. Since 2008, Pro Crease Goaltending has gained national recognition and has attracted male and female goalies from across the USA and Canada to Connecticut for training. Pro Crease Goaltending has developed dozens of former and current professional and NCAA goaltenders. Pro Crease Goaltending Owner, Jared Waimon is the former goaltending coach for Quinnipiac University and is currently a two (2) time Stanley Cup Champion Goaltending Scout for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

FreeAgentNow is an interactive platform that allows student athletes to be viewed in an elevated light. FreeAgentNow provides athletes the ability to showcase their athletic and interpersonal attributes. FreeAgentNow is proud to be a Connecticut-based technology company.

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